The Hearing Solution Group operates Hearing Aids Center in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea. Each Hearing Aids center is equipped with the latest equipment for testing and fitting Hearing Aids. The Hearing Solution Group has an assortment of different hear aid in all price categories and all level of sophistication and design.

The hearing solution group sees it. it's responsibility to help every customer to find the suitable hear aid.
Your personal ear aid may come in many different designs for ease of use and cosmetic.

The most common design today is the so called RIC hearing aid, which consists of a very small device to put behind the ear and the loudspeaker is placed directly into the ear canal. The advantages of a RIC system are cosmetically and acoustically. The small electronic behind the ear is nearly invisible and for the cosmetically most concerning customers we are even able to offer tubing and receiver cables in custom made colour tones to match your skin as well as possible. Additionally to the cosmetic advantages, by having the receiver/mini loudspeaker directly placed in the ear canal the sound will be more pleasant and natural than conventional hearing aid designs.

Other designs available are a whole assortment of custom made products; these are hearing aids which are moulded after the shape of your ear or ear canal. These ear aid designs go by the names of ITE, ITC, CIC.

For clients who need more power a full range of BTE devices in all price groups is also available.